Saturday, January 15, 2011

Stitching pictures together to create a panoramic

Few years back I had an application that worked lovely, that came with my Canon. Unfortunately, I can't find it anymore and sure enough, I making this a research project. All what I want is something simple that allows me to stick pics side by side to create a bigger pic or panoramic.

Found this site with general tool reviews:

I want something free, so, I end-up here:

Seems that there is an underlying routine and few GUI tools that use that to create the final application. I got first Hugin but after few attempts, it does not look as simple as I want. Unfortunately this is going to go two ways. Learn it or do the research to find another tool, and I am thinking that as it looks a pretty powerful tool, I'll go with the former. Site here:

30 minutes later, I start getting a handle of it and I see why it can become a complicated software, specially when you leave a lot of options to the user. Basically, I would start from the left tap, load the images, align them (hopefully you don't need to enter control points), then go to optimize and keep going to the right. There is a 2nd window that shows you what the result would be (and you can move the images there to center them/rotate them as whatever you like). When you are about to stitch them, you can tell the software to do all automatic (click all the optimize buttons, like crop...) and the result, again, should be on the other window. Should be looking good and ready to stitch!

Example tutorial:

If you have doubts, just follow their documentation/tutorials. Thanks a lot to Pablo d'Angelo and all other authors!!

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