Saturday, April 16, 2011

About Khan Academy

Watching the presentation from Khan in TED, I couldn't avoid to have some kind of healthy "envy".

It was obvious that he wasn't the first on thinking or putting lectures on the Internet. He didn't invent that. But still, he became famous. I wish it was me. First because he got famous for something that I would have also enjoyed doing. Second, because he knows all that stuff that he talked about. He is or seems truly a renaissance man  and knows all that stuff that I don't know. And 3rd because maybe even now, if I thought of a similar idea, I wouldn't have the balls to go try. For instance, I think now that I would like to do the Spanish videos but I will not do anything about it. Or one in medical imaging...

The other thing to learn is how implementing and showing something can turn the things around much more than simply trying to convince somebody about it. If he would have tried to explain that this was a much better way da da da a lot of people would have criticize him as fool, "don't know what you are talking about", "careful with your kids going this path and wasting their time, could affect them forever"... but instead, he just did it and prove it right, and he wasn't even planning for it.

Finally, it is amazing to see how humanity keeps doing something over and over and think it's correct. How many education experts, teachers, educative reforms have gone through, few of them in the last 10 years when Internet was created, and nothing even close to this had been created. It is like if only a few are really "thinking" and the others are just doing/copying...

I have a lot of thoughts of how Internet will change things. I'll write a post on that soon and it is actually the base for the name of this blog (cell0907), but on the mean time, I'll just post this to show my healthy envy and congratulate Mr Khan for his work and dedication.

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