Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Install CCS on Eclipse

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So, everything look like it was working, but I did get some kind of java weird error. Maybe I should have installed 3.7.2 but anyhow, didn't get it to work so, got tired of this and installed CCS with its own Eclipse. I looked then at what that distribution had and it looks like it is more complete than the one that you just get by getting Eclipse and CDT.

The CCS on its own is:

The Eclipse+CDT+CCS is:

The extra packages are Target Management, Mylyn, EGit and one more (can't remember). I didn't see any difference between installing Eclipse SDK (170MB) or Eclipse Binary distribution (52MB). The first icon on the left comes from CDT, the 4th from Eclipse and the rest from CCS. I wonder if installing a different version of Eclipse would have changed this, but got sick of all these tests and now I am running Qt in Eclipse Juno, and CCS with its own distribution of Eclipse 3.8, apart.


This is the "supposed" way to make it work. Did it but didn't work:

Below there is a bunch of links with the same problem, but finally found the answer here:

Basic solution, is an issue with Eclipse and CDT versions. So, get them here:
1. Download Eclipse Platform 3.8 (platform runtime binary) and unzip in, say, c:\Eclipse:

2. Download CDT 8.1 here. Then use help-->install new software and point to the zip file:

After that follow the instructions of the original link:

Once working, run Eclipse and you should get a splash screen with the license selection. You are ready to go!

======== Other links that didn't take me to the answer, just for future reference ============

A support inquiry telling them that they don't need to install Eclipse before CCS (CCS install already includes it):

but what the heck, if you already had Eclipse...!

This guy has exactly the same problem/symptoms. Solves it by reinstalling stuff, but not exactly found out why:

And yet one more guy:
I add a post here...

By the way, the log error for CCS install is in program files x86 --> installhammer

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