Saturday, November 10, 2012

On abortion

Note: I wrote this before the election. I finally never went to vote...


So, I am ready to vote. I feel I would vote Obama because some of the things that Romney said I can't just agree to (like military spending can't be reduced, his healthcare policies,...). There are likely more things that Romney said that I disagree to, than that Obama said. Yeah, maybe I should be looking at what I agree, not to what I disagree :). But in one particular topic that I can't just ignore, abortion, both actually agree that morally is wrong. So, the difference is in what they do about it (one would put laws against while the other wouldn't).

Somehow then, I started researching the topic, read posts, arguments, etc.. pro and against abortion. Not a single topic on pro-choice made the cut (we could review them here but that's probably for a different post), and end-up on the page of Ron Paul (who I wouldn't necessary agree on other topics) but who I think expressed my arguments with the exact words I would use:
"In the 1960s when abortion was still illegal, I witnessed, as an OB/GYN resident, the abortion of a fetus that weighed approximately 2 pounds. It was placed in a bucket, crying and struggling to breathe, and the medical personnel pretended not to notice. Soon the crying stopped. This harrowing event forced me to think more seriously about this important issue. That same day in the OB suite, an early delivery occurred and the infant boy was only slightly larger than the one that was just aborted. But in this room everybody did everything conceivable to save this child's life. My conclusion that day was that we were overstepping the bounds of morality by picking and choosing who should live and who should die. There was no consistent moral basis to the value of life under these circumstances. Some people believe that being pro-choice is being on the side of freedom. I've never understood how killing a human being, albeit a small one in a special place, is portrayed as a precious right."


I believe that one day we will see the 40M abortions performed in US since Roe V. Wade in 1970 (and of course, all others in the rest of the world), like we see today slavery or many other horrible things humans defended, allowed, promote, or simply choose to ignore. This is not a post against those women that performed an abortion, but against a society that didn't do everything they can (including helping and respecting those moms) to protect that baby. I can't vote somebody who wouldn't put a stop to it, so, I can only vote blank :(. And just to be less negative, my deepest respect and kudos to those single moms out there.

PS.: Just so we are clear, I would agree with the argument that prohibition is not the "magic" solution to it, and that many other policies that governments also implement to reduce the number of abortions are more effective, but we can't just say "it's ok".

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