Friday, May 24, 2013

Use of nanoparticles

The other day I met somebody who I would call a chain inventor. He has been creating inventions his whole life. Few succesful ones that sold out and others that broke the bank. The latest is a cheap way to create nano-particles. He actually showed me a sample and it was pretty cool. What is he going to do with that? Well, that I can't say here, but I decided to have a quick look at some other possibilities listed here and there:
  1. "Further miniaturization of electronic devices". Not sure what that means, but I read it :)
  2. Nanofluids: Eastman J A, Choi S U S, Li S, Yu W and Thompson L J 2001 Appl. Phys. Lett.78, 718
  3. To enhance efficiency of heat engines,
  4. As chemical catalysts: Maye et al 2000, Kuang W, Fan Y and Chen Y 2000, Langmuir 16 5205
  5. Lasing materials Huang M H et al 2001Science 292 1897
  6. Using nano particles as fuels
  7. Improved thermal conductivity with nano-fluids (better for instance that engine oil)  But I thought the main function of engine oil is lubrication, so, not sure why exactly they bring this up... Nevertheless found this
  8. And a small list of apps
I hope he is successful :). Will keep you posted!

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