Saturday, August 27, 2016


[This is for my own notes]

My headphones (the ones that come with my HTC one) keep dying while exercising. I buy new ones but last not more than a year. I actually don't think it has to do with the sweat but with the connection to the jack or the mic. So, decided to look for something better and after some research:
  1. My friend recommended these: JayBird - X2 Wireless Earbud Headphones. Good reviews, sound great, and he said he has had them for years. Some review talks about them breaking, but at the same time, as these are wireless, I think if they break for some other reason (like sweat) I should be fine... Found offer in BestBuy for 1/2 price ($70)  and they also seem to have a very strong warranty, should anything fail, so I am getting them today. 
  2. A cheaper wireless option ($26!) which a lot of folks rave about is the TaoTronics. I feel I should get a pair too! Maybe present for my sister... I would go for these if it wasn't because #1 is half price.
  3. There are more expensive options like Bose or Beats, but they don't seem more durable based on the reviews, so, will try the above.
  4. For wired type, which I need for airplane (not only because wireless rules for take-off/landing, but because how otherwise am I going to plug to the entertainment system?), the sturdier one recommended by a website was the RHA MA750 ($120). Not buying yet.
  5. The other wired alternative which seems pretty nice (but hard to get) is the JVC HA-FXT90. The have about the same price.
Let's see if I am lucky with my choice!

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