Saturday, January 1, 2011

Browsing stops when using my SpeedTouch 585 v6 (I)


Browsing is working fine (wireless through the SpeedTouch 585 v6) and suddenly stops. The browsing error appears when looking for the address (see your status bar).

Further research (see below) shows that it seems that it doesn't get to the DNS (can't get the physical IP address for the name we are looking for).


Initially, the only simple way to fix it looked like re-starting completely the router.

Nevertheless, I found a different/simple "patch". Entered the DNS server in the TCP/IP configuration (see steps below). I used directly the one that the router should be returning by default to my PC: (as per my ISP configuration). And also this one (openDNS): Either one works. Browsing will never stop again.

Only issue is that we have not really solved the real underlying issue. The computer stops getting "automatically" the right DNS server and as such can't get the IPs to send the browsing requests. I haven't found a solution for this.

Well, hopefully this will help somebody. Didn't find this solution searching in the Internet last year so, this one I decided to dig deeper and this is what I came up with... On a different note, this is my first post on this blog. Not even a personal intro or why the name of this blog... I'll talk about it another day and probably you will thank me for skipping it now, anyhow :)


Other clues (irrelevant for most of the people unless you want to continue the investigation further)

- If you remove the manual entry of the DNS, it fails again. Who is failing? The router to send the DNS or the PC to request it? I would think that the router, as re-starting the PC doesn't seem to help but it does re-starting the router. When it fails, checking ipconfig /all, one can see that the DNS server is wrong (local network gateway address:, for instance). If we force it by hand (as in our solution), the right one shows up.
- Nevertheless, the BlackBerry browsing through Wifi works even when the PC stops working, so, somehow, he is getting the right DNS. Maybe it has a DNS manually configured (?).

Setting up DNS server (for Windows XP, others check web...)

Double click on the icon of the wireless connection (on the task bar) to see its status. Click properties. In the General tap, select the TCP/IP and click properties. In the General tap "Use the following DNS server addresses" and enter one DNS server in there. Click ok...

Phase 1. Other stuff that I did before I found the above solution

Things that work:
- Wireless connection to router.
- Ping to bberry (internal in WLAN)
- I was downloading something and that worked too even when the connection failed in the middle!! So, the connection is not actually dead. It is the new requests that fail!!
- Ping to DNS server below ( works always (when the browsing is working and not working).
- Ping works to IP number, not to name. Tried (Google).
- Entering the IP address on the browser works too

Things that do NOT work:
- It is the connection outside, tested with Web browser.
- The router has a function (accessible when you are logged into the router) to check the connection outside by connecting to the address and fails, BUT this always fails, when browser working and when not working. What a lame check!! Notice, though, that the predetermined gateway is actually this one, so, if this one fails what are we supposed to do?
- Ping to this gateway also fails, even when everything else seems to work.

Things that do NOT fix the issue:
- Simply reconnecting with the router to Internet (when connected with the browser to the router utility).
- A repair on the PC connection to router does not solve the problem.
- Fix IP for PC doesn't solve the problem. In fact, non fix to Bberry seems to work fine.
- LHMHOST setting doesn't solve the problem.

NOTE: something quite useful is to TELNET to the router. Here are some commands:

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