Sunday, December 1, 2013

Android Index of Posts and Useful Links

Index of my posts and links to other useful stuff on Android, initially a bit disorganized as I keep adding things but I think it will do the work for some time :)

  1. An overview of the tools around for programming in Android the "official/standard/free" way.
  2. Install guide is very well documented by Google. Nevertheless, as I was installing OpenCV in Android I put this step by step tutorial on the installation of both. Check it if for any reason you are having problems following the official instructions.
  3. Copy a project in Eclipse
  4. Some debugging tips like logging/screen capture...
  5. 10 ADB commands (external link) and all (?) commands.
  1. Tutorial for Drawing in Android - Views/Layout Basic stuff, no dynamic...
  2. Tutorial for advanced Drawing in Android -SurfaceView and SurfaceHolder
  3. Displaying bitmaps as fast as possible (or as I possibly can :) )
  4. Importing fonts
  5. Retrieving all files in a directory
  6. Loading jpg
  7. Saving to a file in Android
  8. Flash light.
  9. Camera capture
  10. AsyncTask  
  11. Communication between threads.
  12. LruCache
  13. Creating a timer
  14. NDK: Android Native Development.
  15. Scope application (displays the audio vs time in a rolling graph in the screen)  
  16. Using some of the techniques above and OpenCV I created a 3D display, which now seems to be a similar technique to what Amazon is going to be using on their phone.
Other Code Examples
  1. For a list of examples in OpenCV, please see this index.
  2. Basic4Android example on a Baby Flashcards app.

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