Saturday, January 15, 2011

Create movie from sequence of pictures

So, you have taken a series of pictures of something. Maybe the pictures were one after the other (a surfer over the waves, shots in high speed camera mode), or they actually were spaced in time (one every day, of a building under construction) but, bottom line, you want to create the final effect of a movie. I remember doing this before in GIMP, but today I just found this free software, really small and really simple to use, but does nicely the trick:

Seems to be working fine. Just put all the pictures of the sequence (and only of that sequence) on a directory (otherwise it will start by getting in the program all the pics of the directory, which slows down operation) and then tell it to create a movie, where to save it, choose the encoder (anyone probably works, I used Microsoft Windows Media Video) and that's it!

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