Sunday, January 23, 2011

Do the search engines look/index my posts?

I guess the answers in yes. That if somebody looks for information and my blog explains that, he/she will find it. Of course, doesn't have to appear at the top of the search if other places have the same explanations, but at least, is not simply ignored.

So, in order to prove, that I am going to create a dummy word, something that Google would return zero hits and I'll search for it later to see if it comes up. The word I came up (typing random :) ) was "ijlahwkt". So, there you go, my first fake post:
ijlahwkt is a random word created to check if Google indexes my pages. I post this here 1/23/2011 10:20AM CST.

GOOOOO!!! :)

PS.:  Notice that, furthermore, this blog is hosted by Google!!
And it should be indexed:

UPDATE!!!! So, I've been checking these days and it didn't show up on Google search, till just today! 2/1/2011! So, that is about 9 days... :). And Yahoo engine doesn't show it yet, ouch! (although, remember that this blog is part of Google).

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