Saturday, January 29, 2011

Electricity costs

Just minor thing I did to check how costs move over time:
May 2008: 15.2c/KWh. Oil price: ~$121/barrel     Gas price: $91      
June 2009: 18c/KWh     Oil price:  ~$61/barrel      Gas price: $3.4
Switch to Stream:
Oct 2009: 12.5c/KWh   Oil price:  ~$67/barrel      Gas price: $3.8
Dec 2010: 11.5c/KWh   Oil price: ~$87/barrel      Gas price: $3.3

  1. How Oil price and what I was paying on the same company had little to do with each other! In Reliant, price of oil went down by half while price of my electricity went up 20%. In Stream actually with oil prices rising, I pay less today than a year ago.
  2. The savings by switching company. Even with higher oil prices I got way cheaper price.
  3. The KWh prices were obtained directly from the bills value. The fix/government stuff was not included by even Reliants look a bit bigger than Stream's (both about $10)
  4. Oil price may not be that significant on this study, though, as 62% of Reliant's source was natural gas. The funny part is that Stream's plan is green, which is supposed to be more expensive!
Bottom line, stay on top of your bill... And to be honest I haven't shopped around to see what would be today's Reliant prices, to say one... Lazy, ha!

Oil prices:
Gas prices:

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