Thursday, April 14, 2011

Getting the translator add-on running on Firefox 4.0

So, in a previous post I showed how to go about 3.6 with the SDK installed on the computer. Then when I moved to 4.0 my add-on stopped working @@

So, I decided to fix it. First thing I tried (didn't work) was to, instead of installing the new SDK, use the on-line add-on builder utility with the old code (to see if source code was the same but compilation was the issue). For that I went to and paste the old code... But as I said, that didn't work, so, basically I figured they changed the code.

So, I looked for the 4.0 compatible code and found:

I pasted that on the on-line builder, modify it to fit the Spanish version, and done!

No major headaches...

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