Saturday, July 23, 2011

Google Health RIP

Google Health, a portal from Google to keep track of your health records, sport activities and anything that could be related one way or another to your health, is going to be disconnected at the end of this year, after 3 years of service.

This is very symptomatic. Truth is that I never even looked at it. I wonder how others like Microsoft Health Vault (4 years old) are doing but my guess is that not very good and this link seems to think the same:

They try to point to issues with privacy or hospitals not adopting it... Others say that Google simply couldn't make money out of a service with so much privacy constraints. But to me, this is just one more proof of our behavior  as humans about health. It is something that we don't care about till we lose it. Maybe we are even program to forget about it because we don't want to be obsessed either about the idea that we are not immortal. We want to enjoy life without worry about those things. Of course, I am talking in general, but taking care of our health is something that is seen as "we need to do", not as "we love to do". A warning to many of those "solutions" where people is pouring resources to develop...

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