Tuesday, February 21, 2012

svchost --> wuaueng, etc... slows down my PC

The computer slows down big time when I connect it to the network in the office. Using process explorer I see svchost sucking up CPU and digging further, the guilty threads are:

I can see that computer speeds up when I suspend these, and slows down again when I resume them.
Forum descriptions/solutions here:


But basically looks like the Windows Update is corrupted or something and starts looking for what to update, forever... Not sure if I found the solution but for the time being, simply going into the troubleshoot pages of Microsoft, a "fixit" window poped-up and tried to fix it for me. We will see...

Update (3/7/12):

Looks that for the most part, this particular problem is solved, but I seem to have another one (which maybe was also already there). I get this "kernel32.dll!CreateThread+0x22" slowing down my CPU... This thread gives a pretty good idea:

But not sure it presents a solution... Will see...
One thing I learnt was that if you want to check if the key Windows files are corrupted, you can do:
sfc /scannow

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