Monday, August 13, 2012

Browsing stops when using my SpeedTouch 585 v6 (II)...

So, back again at home, and the problem of the router disconnecting keeps happening. I forgot about the DNS part (which was covered on my first post on this blog!) and tried a lot of other stuff. In the end, when it fails, I connect straight into Google with
and that seems to fix the problem! Does this fixes it always? Not really, there are other cases where the router simply loses the connection and I have to go to the router utility ( and click "connect". Some times I got to do that more than once but usually after few attempts, it works...

Nothing else new on this post, so, do not keep reading. This is just for the sake of documentation. Below some new links I found on connectivity issues debugging (mostly in Spanish):

Orange phone: 900 901 300

And here is a picture when I was debugging if it was heat issue. I open the router and hang it on my AC, lol!!

Funny thing is that it seemed to be fixing the problem but in the end, I think it was random...

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