Saturday, August 25, 2012

Installing Matlab (exclusive for my company)

This works with my company, so, may not work with yours...
  1. Go to:**.com/ReleaseMessages/mathworks/relmsg_mathworks_R2011b.html, where ** should be replaced by the name of my company.
  2. Follow those instructions.
  3. To add a toolbox follow also those instructions. It is missing that you will have to re-run the installer again if you did it at a different time. Going through control panel does not work:
  4. You have to do like if you were going to install a brand new matlab but choose "custom". 
  5. If the zip files of the toolboxes are on the same directory as the installer, it will detect those and list them here. 
  6. Select them and install... 
  7. It may give you an error that the installation may not be all right, in the end, but ignore it.
  8. Run Matlab and you should see those packages after typing "ver"
  9. You should be able to run also now the functions on those toolboxes.
  10. To change where you want it to start by default use, for instance: userpath('C:\MATLAB\work')
Enjoy! :)

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