Sunday, November 25, 2012

Jo soc Calalañ :D

Today is an historic day of elections in Catalonia. It is not the famous independence referendum, but I feel it is the time to speak up. For each side. Independentist (secessionist) have taken advantage of the crisis to get a lot of supporters. To me, it is a classical example of opportunism while proposing the wrong solution to the problem, while real solutions are urgently needed.

My problem is not with the feelings of anybody. Everybody can feel from wherever and even change those feelings during life. I start having a problem when people thinks that it is better for Catalonia, from the economic point of view. That I don't buy (surely not short/medium term), and specially when the new government would be made of the same people that drove Catalonia to this situation in the first place. Yes, the rest of Spain wasted their money, but did you guys checked what we did with ours in Catalonia???

Still, this could simply be an economical discussion, which is fine. My real problem is that the secessionist voice involves, besides bending reality, a speech of superiority and look down on other people. This smells to stuff that I simply don't like.

Below couple of post I placed in La Vanguardia, a nationalist newspaper, probably the biggest newspaper in Catalonia:

Basically, I think the different governments in Spain and its regions have proven to suck at it, so, it may be an exaggeration, but Germans may do a better job at it... Or at least strong auditing from outside.

Well, maybe not imaginary, but you understand me ;)


PS.: By the way, if you want to know what is all this about, probably one of the most accurate articles on the topic would be this one from The economist:

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