Saturday, May 4, 2013

Some start-ups to follow

Plan is to track these over the years (first post 5/4/13): Making drones/copters. Machine to fold clothes Robotic Fast Food  Creators of the Kubi, a fix robotic holder for table/smartphone controlled remotely (for videoconferencing).
Update (4/16): Nice design, they seem to have gone through few rounds of financing. Selling a bit too pricey ($500). R/C ball. A friend of mine and me had been talking about this for very long (he did a similar master thesis and I wanted to use something like this for hand grenades... yeah... not very peaceful :P )  A case with the shape of a stuff animal. Leaves a space so that the phone can show up and be the face of the stuff animal. I would qualify it of dummy but it may sell... May get interesting between hobbyist but doubt it. Thought of many angles but doubt that it will catch up with enough community... Got to get easier for parents. Patch?
3Doodler let's you draw in 3D by hand. Comes from this company, with other cool stuff.
Epos This was actually bought by Qualcomm by the time I wrote this.
Aerofex: hovercraft+bike. If this works, this will really take off (no pun intended :) )
Hoverbike: this is a better looking one but doesn't fly yet.

A way to find start-ups:

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