Saturday, June 1, 2013

Transferring the contacts from Blackberry to Android phone

Shoot, I tried everything, see below, but this was it:

Ultra easy!!!


If I would have thought twice before doing things, maybe it would have been easier, but did not. Here few things I tried and why they didn't work for me. Skip to the bottom to see what worked...
  1. I had actually made a back up of the phone with the Blackberry Desktop Manager, but that seemed of little utility unless somebody knows how to grab that into an Android (I didn't find out).
  2. Google Sync. I had not done this before my new phone got here. By the time I activated the new one, the old was out of service and installing anything was not an option. Somehow, couldn't do it even through WiFi...
  3. Using pairing of the two phones through BT. That was close. Even when my Blackberry was not listed on the Android phone to import contacts, it did connect but when it tried to get the list, it asked to change the settings on the Blackberry to unencrypted and I just couldn't do that. It is lock on that setting since I got it.
So, what worked? I use the Blackberry Desktop Manager to import all the contacts from the phone into Outlook. Then, through the enterprise server, my Android got updated when I connected my laptop to the company network. So, it looked like I got many of these in, but not all! I can't see why not all! One of my contact folders was not getting updated @@

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