Tuesday, July 9, 2013

How to get music out of Youtube

Sorry, I use Firefox, so, not sure what other alternatives are out there, but here is what I do:
  1. Install Firefox
  2. Download and install the DownloadHelper extension: http://www.downloadhelper.net/
  3. Download helper has the free version that allows you to download the original video, on different resolutions, but usually limited to few video formats (.flv). So, the question is how do you get the mp3. Two options... One is to get the paid version of DownloadHelper, who can do the conversion... (please see PS2 below)
  4. The second option is to download AoA Audio Extractor.
  5. Finally, on my case, I burn a CD for the car... I use CDBurnerXP.
Of course, this allows you to download all kind of music, people's mixes, their own creations, etc... that they share for free, but also copyrighted material. Please consider paying for it if you can afford it. Songs today are $1...


PS.: One more thing... Sometimes you want to pass your CD to mp3 Converter... I use Free CD to mp3 from eusing.com
PS2.: The guys at downloadhelper support the Kiva initiative, which lends money to 3rd world businesses to help on the development. Please see here and consider donating.
PS3.: Another free nice software that helps you convert between audio formats is from Koyotesoft

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