Sunday, November 17, 2013

Open access to publicly funded research

I always wondered why one had to pay those hefty prices for online articles... One could think that it makes sense, in general, but why, even for the ones which research had been funded by tax payers. There are lots of arguments (quality, reviews...) but honestly, I think they are mostly excuses to justify a business that in the past, with no Internet, made more sense...

Anyhow, this became a real issue for me when I was trying to research about some physical symptoms, that eventually, fortunately, proved to be nothing serious. At the time, I signed a petition to the government to solve this... And happily enough, things seem to be coming together. It seems to be fair to give this point to Obama administration although I am sure there were many folks on both sides behind this. It would be interesting to research that, but life is too short :)

I leave you with a video from Jack Andraka, a kid and a scientist, explaining what I felt few years ago...

How much waste goes into defending wrong things... Folks don't realize that eventually everything flows to the right state.

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