Sunday, January 12, 2014

USB Pen / Flash Drive: "there is no disk in the drive"

So, I plug the USB pen with all my work in there (few days since the last backup... I know!) and when I try to access it, I get the pop up window saying "there is no disk in the drive". Command prompt says something similar "The device is not ready".

Straight to the solution: here. Easiest fix ever! Just give it a name: right click on the drive - Properties.

Thinking that I had already opened up the drive and was ready to start probing nodes!! LOL!!

PS1.: The first thing I did after getting access was to copy all the data to another drive. While doing that, I discover that some files (very small fraction) were damaged. No big deal, as I had backups and none was the new ones...
PS2.: Unfortunately enough, I went back to an old SD flash card I had discarded for similar reasons (I was getting an error saying "G:\ is not accessible. The file or directory is corrupted and unreadable") and this did not fix it... I can't actually rename it. Oh well..

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