Saturday, November 29, 2014

Useful tips for remote connectivity/networking with Linux Mint

In previous posts I've been talking about VNC, X11, SSH, etc... Here a few left over things that are the icing on the cake:
  1. Waking up from LAN or WOL: basically, your server doesn't have to be up all the time. You can wake it up remotely, from suspend or hibernate, even from your cell phone. Worked flawlessly.
  2. How to setup Snort, a lightway network intrusion detection system.,,
  3. Fail2ban scans log files for various services ( SSH, FTP, SMTP, Apache, etc., ) and bans the IP that makes too many password failures.
  4. To complement the above, you can also use Tripwire which will monitor/log changes to the files/directories.
  5. ifconfig to setup the network interface.
  6. To create a network share with Samba 
  7. How to manipulate your ethernet card
  8. List of known ports
  9. Very nice brief tutorial on ports, what they are, etc...
  10. To find the name of a server behind an IP address (reverse lookup):  nslookup You can also use the web   
I have not work with some of these, so, as I go through them I may have a tutorial only on that.


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