Tuesday, March 10, 2015

What if AI is here one day?

As lately this seems to be a hot topic... Some quick thoughts that I've been having for many years: 

AI is like the nuclear energy now. Invented but not used except on very controlled situations. But can it really be controlled that well? Specially if it can be done on any computer eventually...

Shouldn’t AI have the same rights as any other entity in the country, respecting its life?

What should we should define as full life vs a machine? It should have some feelings? But survival may not be the best feeling to have (may backfire against us). How about having empathy, respect, mercy… This seems the “only” hedging against an "cold" entity, and as such, AI shouldn’t be released till it had reached that level. For instance, in the movie, the machine has no feeling of loyalty or even thanks to the person that freed her up, letting him die locked inside the facility.

But if one adds feelings, will bad feelings also prosper by default from it? Like hate, etc… But may be better than none...

Still, probably the social crisis would hit already with some level of AI, not powerful enough to eliminate us but powerful enough to leave people without jobs. The only solution to this seems anticipation and a new social revolution... yeah right...

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