Monday, July 4, 2016

Fixing audio choppy playback in Linux Mint - Pandora, Youtube...

This is just for my reference, nothing fancy... Sorry the way is explained but was what I tried on this order. At the end I solved both.

Basically audio in Pandora was choppy. Same used to happen with Youtube videos... Firefox or Chrome didn't make a difference. I just fixed the Pandora problem reinstalling alsa and pulse-audio.
Also this one actually really helped me.

By the way, after this my Desktop Environment (Cinnamon) was replaced by Gnome. Even the display manager was not giving me the option for Cinnamon. Looks like Cinnamon installation basically gets corrupted and doing sudo apt-get install cinnamon will fix it.

Anyhow, this did not solve the Youtube issue. VERY weird, the issue goes away with the volume control of Youtube (if I use lower volume settings). I also did this, but no luck, nevertheless this may be because my audio is not the same as described in the post (Intel chipset Z97).  Doing a lshw -short shows C610/X99 series chipset HD Audio Controller

So, let's apply the same fix but replacing  snd-hda-intel vid=8086 pid=8ca0 snoop=0 by the right parameters. Something tells me that the 8086-8d20-1028-0618 is a clue. Used then 8d20 instead of the 8ca0 but that didn't do it :(.

Next I found this and that gave me the clue!! It looked related to the volume, so, I installed pavucontrol. Executing saw the playback bar hitting the max some times! If I increased the volume, it was totally saturated! So, there you go, lowered the controls to 100% (works without getting there) and that did it!! DUH!!!! By the way, you don't need pavucontrol. I found it also on the standard Sound controller (type sound on the start bar...). Posted the answer here.

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