Saturday, March 17, 2018

Visiting Antilope Canyon

This page has a nice overview of all the ways to see the canyon. Belongs to what looks like the official site of the area. If you ever hit this page this is just for my internal reference and that of my friend visiting with me. Go to the other links for real original info :)

From Page:

  • Antelope Canyon Tours; Website:; Phone: 928-645-9102
    • Only opening Thursday 7AM-8:30: 2 LEFT! $37+$8 park fee
    • Note: careful with too early or too late (may be dark-ish). 7:13AM sunrise, 7:47PM sunset
  • Grand Circle Adventures; Website:; Phone: 928-645-5594
    • Only openings:
      • Saturday 8AM - $68
  • Adventurous Antelope Canyon PhotoTours; Website:; Phone: 928-380-1874
    • 3/28, 29, 30 at 8:30 and 4PM. Plenty of spaces. $63. Prices seem to include everything (so, I wonder if we save the park access fee then for the lower side?)
    • 3/29: 10:15 1 SLOT $74
    • 3/31: 2:30PM got slots but we can't make it to the airport! :O
    • A trick may be to book two canyons: Rattlesnake and Antelope on 3/28 or 29: 2:30PM. Got 2 SLOTS!
    • 72hrs cancellation policy
From the Tribal Park entrance on Hwy 98:
  • Antelope Canyon Navajo Tours; Website:; Phone: 928-698-3384
    • Nothing available! $40.

  • Dixie Ellis; Website:; Phone: 928-640-1761
    • Looks like we got options everyday :)
    • $38+$8 park access fee (common with the Upper) + fees ($52 when all set and done!)
    • Cancellations are free till 24hr... 
  • Ken’s Tours; Website:; Phone: 928-606-2168 and 928-640-0032
    • Also got slots available. $40 ($2 more expensive than the previous one)

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