Sunday, March 31, 2013

Heck, I guess I need a new battery for my MKV

Oh well, my car just didn't start today. It has been acting weird for a while, with one-touch failing and some light (steering wheel, engine...) lighting up at start. Got the car started with a friends jump wires. Looked in Internet and they seem to confirm that it is the battery:

So, I guess this is one of those posts for me not to forget in the future the battery research I am doing...
  1. OEM: Varta. Mine lasted 5 years! That was a good run. Something I need to do is to try to clean the terminals. The ground was looked pretty bad.
  2. Duralast gold: 2 year warranty - Autozone $150 (says 3 years warranty) << This is what I finally got. So far no problems, and I think warranty was longer that listed here.
  3. Interstate or Bosh/Exide ok
  4. Absorbed Glass Mat (9AGM48)/Deka
  5. Some people trash Optima while others recommend it.

Getting the rusted terminal out was really tough. Used coke and baking soda (careful where this drips, it is good to put some clothing around). Finally made enough space to fit a big screw driver between the two edges of the clam (that are closed by the screw, which I had already loosed), and twisted. That made it.

For the rest of instructions, if things are smooth, this is how it should be:

Now I used like some cloth washers and a grease that comes with them (which looks like Vaseline) to protect the terminals from acid rust...


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