Sunday, March 16, 2014

Simple plan for Barcelona visit - Day B - Eixample / Gaudi

For this B day, we will be in the area of Barcelona called the Example and also a bit further towards the mountain. Please see here for other locations in Barcelona. Except for Parc Guell, the other locations are buildings, so, ok to visit during bad weather... Nevertheless, Sagrada Familia may close the visit to the tower (just to the tower) in that case... Also, they are nice at night (but open only during day time...):
  1. Sagrada Familia: this is one of the most emblematic icons of the city. You can buy the tickets on-line. Not sure if that will save you the line outside but I heard that although long, it is not too bad... Unless you are in a tight budget, I do think it is worth to go in. Go up in the tower is nice too. I can talk hours about this place, but to save you that, I would strongly recommend you to read the Wikipedia article to get a good background.
  2. Pedrera and Casa Batllo: walking distance from Sagrada Familia (see the black line in the map below). Famous spots of the city too, feel free to go in if your budget/time allows.
  3. To get to Park Guell, another must-see place, I usually take subway green line (L3) to Vallcarca station. The line kind of goes along the mountain/sea axis for a while, down Gracia and Ramblas, so, you can take it from any station there (Passeig de Gracia, Catalunya, Liceu, Drassanes...). Once you get to Vallcarca walk a bit along Vallcarca Avenue, sea direction, till you hit Baixada de la Gloria, on your left (red line in the map). It is a street full of mechanical scalators (feel free to walk too :) ) that will take you to the South side of the Park. I feel that is more interesting than getting a taxi up there, but hey... Unfortunately, the city started charging to enter on the park around 2016 (can't remember, but used to be free) but you can get there earlier or later than the running hours and see it for free. In the morning you can see the sun raise (assuming you can wake up in time :) ), so, it is much better than in the evening, when it may get dark depending on the time of the year and you can't see anything in the park (no lights).

Check the map here

Safe travels!!

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