Saturday, March 15, 2014

Simple plans to visit Barcelona

Few friends asked me about what to do/go in Barcelona, so, here is a summary of some stuff... I broke it by days, so, it makes it easier to plan things...

Note: I hate to start by this, but watch with the pickpockets... Few friends of mine got stolen their wallet or purse, so... Other than that, I would consider Barcelona to be very safe.

For a 3 days trip I would think something like this (sorry not finished, I'll add later). Order of days does not matter. Probably plan according to weather forecast :)
But if you have 2, it gets tougher. So, here is one potential thought:
  1. Day 1: Sagrada Familia (day B above) / Park Guell (day B above)
  2. Day 2: Day C above.
  3. On whatever time after hours/night you have, you can see the outside of Pedrera and Casa Batllo (day B above) and the Magic Fountains (day A above).
PS.: Sorry that I can't include everything, as Barcelona is full of stuff to see and do. If you want more info, these are some quick sites I found:

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