Saturday, October 4, 2014

Time to change my GTI MK5 air filters...

Just to clarify, I am referring to the cabin air filter:
That is pretty straight fwd except for the crawling under the passenger seat. To put back in the filter put it first and then put the cover that snaps, otherwise it's harder. Probably took 10 min first time I did it.

And to the intake air filter:

What you need to know is that the filter is below the engine cover. So, you need to get the cover out first. Follow this. Then take the screws out of the cover, open it up, replace the filter, close it (making sure the hinges get back it, which is the difficult part) and un-do the previous steps. To snap the cover back in, in my case, it just went in by putting pressure, but maybe I was lucky...

This other video is not very good, but FYI

This one took me (first time) about 1hr (I didn't know how to remove the engine cover till found the video...).


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